Bioentrepreneurship Alumni Profile: Pharmaceutical industry

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I decided to start an alumni profile series for this blog. I’ve had a lot of questions from readers about the options for Bioentrepreneurship graduates and thought it would be cool to share the experiences of some of our alumni.

I will try cover all industries within life science. And, if there are any career option you want to know more about, feel free to get in touch!  I will try my best to find someone who works there 🙂

Adeeb Tawseef

Adeeb is a former Digital Ambassador, as well as a MBE graduate. After graduation, he continued to work for SSES (Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship) before getting a place on the Novo Nordisk graduate programme.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaae5aaaajdizzdaxzdzklwiwowitndc0os04ode0ltixywjlmzc0yzmznqName:  Adeeb Tawseef

Year of graduation: 2015

Job title: Global Development Graduate Programme

Company: Novo Nordisk



Tell us about your Experiences at Karolinska Institute.

I came to KI straight out of my Bachelor’s degree. I was a digital ambassador and did some vlogging (you can see his videos here).

For my first practical placement, I went to a company called OneLab AB. It was a start up in every definition of the word- they started the company the week that I joined! OneLab provides medical health checks for companies and organisations, and my project involved researching potential marketing and distributor channels. I never imagined myself working for a startup but it was cool to be with the company at the very beginning. They gave me a lot of responsibility and have since developed into a pretty successful business.

I did my PP2 and Master’s thesis at Heron-A Parexel, which is a consultancy company specialising in life science clients. I always wanted to do both (PP2 and thesis) at the same company because I thought I would get more out spending the time in once place. Consultancy work is fast paced but it’s rewarding, and at Heron-A-Parexel, they value MBE students for our niche skill set in science and business.  My Master’s Thesis is focused on Real World Evidence Data.

Tell us about your Experiences since leaving Karolinska Institutet

Immediately after graduation I worked for SSES (Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship) as a training coordinator. I was involved with SSES as a course assistant during my time at KI and was just lucky there was a full-time position opening at the time of my graduation. SSES was a great place to work, I got to travel and meet a lot of interesting people but I wanted to work in life science, not just entrepreneurship.

Then I applied (and got accepted) to the Global Development graduate programme at Novo Nordisk. I’m currently about six months into the two-year track. My rotation means working in all clinical activities from when a drug candidate enters clinical testing through to the approval phase, and then market access. It can be challenging but every day is different.  I speak Japanese (Adeeb’s father was a diplomat and he spent part of his childhood in Japan) so I have been collaborating on a project with a Japanese firm.

I’m also excited to say I have just signed the contract to spend 8 months of my rotation in Sydney, Australia. The brilliant thing about a big multinational such as Novo (Nordisk) is that there are opportunities to work all over the world.

How do you think the programme has helped since leaving university?

The material I learnt on the programme is definitely relevant to my working life, especially development of products in the biomedical industry. I still have my textbooks to refer to every now and then!

Also, my placement (and thesis) experience at Heron-A Parexel helped a lot when applying to Novo Nordisk. Having corporate experience from such a reputable firm definitely gave me a competitive advantage as the recruiters knew exactly the kind of work and standard of work I could produce. And I wouldn’t of the experience without Bioentrepreneurship providing the framework.

I think the strategic partnerships that UBE has with life science companies are the main benefit of the programme. The number of partnerships is growing so I think now, it’s more the case of finding what you want to do rather than what is possible

Any Alumni wisdom to share?

Networking is important. It’s probably something you hear all the time but I do wish I’d been more aggressive with my networking. Many of my friends who work for big consultancies attended lots of company events during their studies. They are often free events where you can go and learn more about their operations (and get a free fika).  I never went and I wish I had been more aware of what’s out there. Sweden is quite relaxed about networking, so there is no pressure, just get yourself out there and meet people!

Hope you enjoyed the first alumni profile! As always, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about applications (or suggestions for profiles in this series) x


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  1. Very interesting post. I loved reading it 🙂 🙂 :).
    I hope you can interview several students, and I hope other global programmes do the same thing 😉 😉 ;).

    Good job!!!

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