Bioentrepreneurship links with industry: guest lecturers and study visits

If you are applying for the Master’s in Bioentrepreneurship, you probably know that we do two practical placements (PP1 and PP2) as well as complete our Master’s thesis in a company setting.

However, the programme has aspects of real-life learning throughout our various courses. My current course, Product Development in the Biomedical Industry is the largest and longest course. However, it’s the course where we learn the most about operations in the life science industry and all the foibles that go with it!  We cover aspects of intellectual property (IP), quality systems, product safety and efficacy as well as reimbursement. This course is naturally linked closely to the medtech and pharmaceutical industry and luckily our syllabus reflects that!

  1. Guest lecturers

Guest lecturers are a big feature at KI for all Master’s programmes. The good reputation, network and appropriate alumni means that it seems course directors are never short of interesting speakers. I’m probably bias but I think our MBE Product development course seems to take the biscuit for quantity and quality of speakers. Here are just a few speakers we have had this semester:


Its pretty awesome to get different perspectives on our syllabus from people who work with it in their daily life and really know what they are talking about.

2. Study visits

During the course we are also expected to apply what we’ve learnt into context with a case study for a life science company.  This meant venturing out of the classroom for a study visit. This year my classmates visited five companies:

  1. Index Pharma
  2. Roche
  3. Sprint Bioscience
  4. Sobi
  5. Diabetes Tools

My group were assigned to Roche, a Swiss healthcare company with two divisions; pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. I was excited to get my teeth stuck into this big multinational corporation and learn more about the industry.  Although I admit to being a bit apprehensive as I cynically assumed employees would be far too busy for us students.

I was completely proven wrong as they dedicated a lot of time and effort to our visit. We had several presentations and a long Q&A session. UBE has a good strategic partnership with Roche and it was a nice surprise to see many second year students working on their Master’s theses and MBE graduates working at the company.

Overall it’s a great experience to visit a company in such a relaxed setting. This visit changed my perception of the ‘big pharma’ industry as rigid and ruthless. It was nice to see a culture that fosters creativity and helps student learning.

Take Care x


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PS Check out this photo of DA Paula’s study visit to Sobi 🙂

17.01.19 Sobi visit, product development, Adam, Erik, Ina, Elisabeth, Paula, Xiaowen.jpg

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