Coffee shops and study spots for when you want a change of scenery

The one thing I can guarantee you, with 100% certainty is that if you end up enrolling at Karolinska Institutet, you will be doing lots of studying. You will be doing one assignment after another, studying for one course after another. There is no way around it so what can you do to ‘spice’ up your studying? You can study at different places. This blog is dedicated to those who hate looking at the same wall over and over again, to those who can handle the library only up to a certain dose and to those who are unable to process anything without a cup of coffee!

I will give you 5 of my favorite cafes to study at. NB: They all have wifi and power plugs. None of them will kick you out for staying for hours regardless of you sipping on that one coffee you ordered.

  • Johan & Nyström Konceptbutik

This was the first café I visited during my first weekend in Stockholm. It is also my favorite place to read a book or write a paper on my laptop.

What is the setting like?

It is located at Swedenborgsgatan 7 (closest T-bana is Mariatorget).

There aren’t a lot of ‘regular’ chairs inside the café, but there are comfy benches layered up with comfy pillows and cushions. Quite busy during the weekends but I always manage to find a spot.

Best feature:

Windows! I love that it is all glasses all around so I can get to see the little sun that is out (or procrastinate by looking outside the window). They have great coffee. I know, because I am an addict. That sounds bad to say but it is true and I have tried lots of coffee shops, and I know my coffee. You can also see their coffee collection as you walk inside the café.

Worse feature:

Not very comfortable if you plan on having your whole study appliances aka books, computer, and other reference materials.  They also ONLY accept cards as a payment method.

  •  Coffice

This café place is intended for people to come, drink coffee, and do work (coffee+ office= Coffice). It is by far my favorite, and I go there about once every 10 days.

 What is the setting like?

There are lots of chairs and desks, with desk lamps and there is a ‘quite section’ behind the coffee station. It is located at Tjärhovsgatan 5 (closest T-bana is Medborgarplasten).

It is pretty much packed with entrepreneurs discussing ideas, students preparing for exams, and we sometimes get people who just come to drink coffee…they don’t stay long!

Best feature:

GREAT wifi connection and a great work ambiance. You really feel like you are doing some work even if you aren’t (hmm I am not sure if this is a good thing now that I think about it)

Worse feature:

They close super early. They close at 17h on weekdays and 18h on weekends. Their coffee is also small but it is pretty good for the price (SEK 30).

  • Espresso house at Hötorget

Espresso house is a coffee chain (anyone who has been in Stockholm for 2 days can pick up on that- it is everywhere).

What is the setting like?

It has two floors, with the most seats being on the second floor. It is located at Drottninggatan 18 (closest T-bana is Hötorget).

It is your typical coffee shop but this one is the least crowded during weekdays.  I have been there about 4 times.

Best feature:

Great coffee and great location.

Worse feature:

Wifi can be terrible at times, especially if they are experiencing lots of traffic.

  • Starbucks at Stureplan

What is a list of cafes without Starbucks?

What is the setting like:

This also has two floors, with the most seats being on the second floor, and there are lots of spaces for groups as well as individual work (you can’t move the tables).

It is located at Kungsgatan 2 (closest T-bana is Kungsgatan or Östermalmstorg T-bana). It is a mixture of Coffice and Espresso House.

Best feature:

It is the ONLY Starbucks that still has the pumpkin spice latte after December. Yes, I am serious.  There is also great wifi connection.

Worse feature:

It can be packed at times, and I have, on more than one occasion, not been able to find a spot. Starbucks is also a bit pricey ( SEK 40+).

  • Bagel Street

I actually stumbled onto this café when I was on my way to Espresso house on a Tuesday.

What is the setting like?

A great, homey ambiance, with chairs and couches available, for both work and chitchats. It is located right inside Hötorget T-bana. It is not very crowded during weekdays (the least crowded from the 5 I have listed here) but it can be packed during the weekends.

Best feature:

Music!! I usually have my headphones in when I am working at any café because:

  1. I don’t like the music they are playing
  2. I think my music is better OR
  3. There are too many people chatting around.

However, Bagel Street, hands down, has great music selection, from acoustic pop to the blues.  Their coffee is also pretty cheap (SEK 20).  The staffs are also very friendly and always smiling but maybe you don’t care about that if you are going to study but still, I like my coffee served with a smile!

Worse feature:

Wifi can be a bit on and off at times.  It is also located inside the metro station so there is definitely no sunlight.

Well, there you have it! Go check out these cafés, and make studying ‘fun’ again!

Featured image: Credit to Smon Cheewapnsri (IG: smonche)

Stay tuned, lovely people!


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