Something to Think About…

Well I am here to tell you, that climate change is happening right now and the effects of the change is not going to show 20 years in the future because it is affecting your health today.

For some it might be a stretch, linking toxicology knowledge and current climate change issues. However if you spend an extra 2 minutes to think about it, climate changes will most definitely influence human health.

Water resource

Research has shown that climate changes has affected the water stress baseline. Water resources are stressed from overexploitation and degradation and will only worsen over time resulting in water shortages and poor quality water. It is said that people can live up to 3 weeks without food but only 10 days without water. Needless to say everyone in the world relies on water to survive. If our water supplies contains algae (cyanobacteria) that produce toxins, the lack of clean water will have an immediate and directly influence everyone.

Water stress
Water stress 2025

Climate changes not only can cause changes in man made or natural toxin distribution and availability, but it can also change the patterns of transportation of the chemicals.


As global warming result in warmer temperatures around the world, the pesticides that we use may lose effectiveness. This would lead to more frequent usage and most likely over the recommended dosage. Overusing these chemicals would mean higher concentrations to human and environmental exposures thus introducing more toxins into our lives.


The issue of climate change has been debated on many levels: whether it is a natural course or a man made issue; some believe it’s a conspiracy theory while others don’t think that it pertains to them because they don’t see the physical effects today.

In this blog, not only do I want to raise awareness for our climate change issue, but also to show you that toxicology is not just about direct exposures to daily toxins. It is easy to know your life is affected by toxins if harmful chemicals appear. But how often do we think about other issues and current events that may seem unrelated to our lives? Issues like climate change, we may not all live near polar bears to see the melting ice caps, but take a minute to think how the disappearing ice caps will affect the delicately balanced ecosystem which we are all a part of.

Together, we can protect our planet. Not just for the future generation, but for us today.


Jennifer Tsai

KI Digital Ambassador

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