MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp – expand your potential while still a student at Karolinska Institutet

For those of you who have an insatiable lust for extra-curricular activities, want to gain unprecedented experiences, thrive on overcoming challenges, and are interested in entrepreneurship, this particular opportunity does stand out amongst many that you can apply for while being a student at Karolinska Institutet.

An important note here is that you do not have to belong to Bioentrepreneurship Course to apply and be selected. It is an external opportunity for which you apply to MIT directly.  So, my Public Health fellows, if entrepreneurship is your thing, and you want to run your own business or are already doing so – TAKE YOUR CHANCE! You never know how perfect something might turn out! 

This year’s international MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is scheduled for March 26-31, 2017 and will take place at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, which is  Australia’s global innovation hub. To my knowledge, this is the first time the Bootcamp has been brought outside the US.

I was very excited to receive the admission offer out of more than 80 other applicants around the world and can’t wait to share more alike experiences with you! 🙂

The MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is an intensive, week-long new ventures leadership program that gives bootcampers a taste of drinking from the firehose that all MIT students experience. It is a nexus connecting entrepreneurs from around the world to the entrepreneurship and innovation eco-system surrounding the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. – Source:

It is an extraordinary opportunity to not only have a dialogue and compete with like-minded, energy-driven and creative students and professionals around the world, but also learn from industry leaders, investors and real-world innovators – people that stay at the forefront of making the world a better place.

While a student at KI you, through your lectures, dialogues with professors, literature, social events, constant interaction and emergence into the world of medicine and healthcare, will be instilled with this particular vision of being able to and even in some way “having to” make your personal contribution to creating a better world. This is practically the best learning outcome that Karolinska Institutet is able to provide you with.

Now, I have to admit that the application process is extra competitive and rigorous. There are 4 different application rounds that you have to successfully accomplish before the final decision is made. First, you submit your CV and answer a number of personal questions. If selected, you then proceed by answering further questions that enquire about your most impressive achievements and the world in 30 years’ time, for instance. In round 2, you also have to analyse one of the given articles on entrepreneurship. As a part of round 3, you have to prepare a pitch deck on a limited number of slides to present your business idea. Here, you also have to record a 1-min max video where you describe your customers, validity and the benefit that your idea will bring to the community. Finally, if selected, an interview takes place. In my case, it lasted for almost 1,5 hrs and was both much fun and a minor challenge. The questions not only make you think critically, but in order to provide quality answers, you also, sort of, have to retract the arc of your learning and experience curves. So, the application process is a hard work and a time-consuming process, but it is all worth it in the end!

Seize each day and use the opportunities that come along your way!

Stay tuned

Best, Adina


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