Histopathology and Clinical Pathology

Allow me to introduce Histopathology and Clinical Pathology, my 4th course. It is a 2 weeks course like Toxicokinetics, but the course itself falls in a totally different category. For Toxicokinetics we study through computer graphic models and for Histopathology we study through microscopes.

Histopathology classes are split between morning and afternoon. Usually in the morning, we have different lectures, including topics such as histology, histopathology, and pathology toxicity, etc…  we sit and listen most mornings.  Then in the afternoon, we have the opportunity to study the organ tissue slides under microscope. Slides include organs such as liver, kidney, lymph nodes, intestines, etc…

Overall, I think the course is intense due to the short length in time while cramming plenty of individual and group work into the schedule. Besides reviewing the lectures for the exam, I also need to arrange time to do the assignment and group work for the end of the course presentation. Even though the way the course is laid out makes it very challenging, I actually really enjoy the content of this course, especially the lab portion. I mean where else would you get to see how organ cell tissues look like under various circumstances?


To read more about course reviews from former KI Digital Ambassador. Click the link below,

Principles of Toxicology


Target Organ Toxicology


Don’t forget the application deadline closes on January 16, 2017!!


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