A peek inside a KI student’s calendar

What are you potentially signing up for in terms of student life by applying to KI? Have a peek inside a current KI student’s calendar to get an idea about the various outside the classroom activities organized by KI .

Kick off your Swedish experience by attending the introduction week!

Introduction week starts off with a three day intensive Swedish course, followed by a welcome day at Aula Medica and concluded with a day filled with fun workshops and lectures about the Swedish way of being that will surely help you a lot during the first days of your journey through / to Swedishness.

During this week, the Solna campus gets taken over by hundreds of curious new Global Master’s and exchange students and turns into a true melting pot. It is truly a great opportunity to get settled in before the official start of the semester and make new friends to explore Stockholm with during the last days of the Swedish summer.


Aula Medica, Karolinska Institutet


Courses and workshops organized by the KI library (KIB)

At the beginning of each semester the wonderful folk from KIB set up a series of courses and workshops for students spanning from academic writing & reading to tips for improving oral presentations and landing your dream job upon graduation. Be sure to apply for the workshops you’re interested in early on, to guarantee yourself a spot.

Annual KI Loppet organized by the Health Promotion Unit 

Each year the Health Promotion Unit organizes a 3.2km race for KI students and academic staff. You should know that the KI Loppet is open to and usually joined by KI students and academic staff with varying levels of fitness. Therefore, put your running shoes, test your skills, have a good time and potentially win one of the prizes.

I hope to see you all at Flemingsberg campus in September 2017!


Pre-race posing by the KI mat
BASE at the Flemingsberg campus

BASE is a gym for KI students and employees. Apart from free training, it offers group training classes in yoga, dance aerobics, street dance, core and functional circuit training, as well as movement classes, dance workshops and handstand courses.

Swedish lessons with Language@KI

Language@KI is a peer learning initiative that puts international and Swedish students in a classroom once a week. Lessons are held at KI and are divided into three levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Events hosted by the Medical students’ association (Medicinska Föreningen)

Medicinska Föreningen (MF) is one of two students’ associations at KI that strives to make student life as good as it can possibly be. They organize student mingles and parties, visits to museums, concerts, cinema nights, ice-skating, weekend trips and many more fun activities that are usually free of charge for MF members.

As one of the new the event managers in the MF Public Health Section I invite you to keep an eye on our facebook group for upcoming events and fill your calendar with memorable events in the spring semester! 🙂


Riga trip with the MF Public Health Section, November 2016


I hope this helped you get an idea of student life at KI and that you will be joining in on the fun once you’re here! Remember to submit your application and documents on time.

Feel free to post questions / comments in the comment section bellow and I will get back to you as soon as I can.




Contact me via:

Instagram: nomad_dentist

LinkedIn: Nikola Mastilovic

e-mail: nikola.mastilovic@stud.ki.se


2 thoughts on “A peek inside a KI student’s calendar

  1. Dear Nikola, can I also participate in this events as a visitor researcher? If yes, please let me know, how can I do that?

    1. Hey Majid!

      I would suggest visiting the Medicinska Föreningen office at Solna (Nobels väg 10) or Flemingsberg campus (Alfred Nobels Allé 23) and talking to our officers about getting a membership, the existing sections and upcoming activities.

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