What it feels like to be back in your hometown after 4,5 months

My programme (Master’s in Biomedicine) is full-time and we had courses and seminars all the time, with very few breaks, mostly to study before an exam or before the seminars. Hence, I had no time to even think about coming back to my hometown before the Christmas break. Gradually, Stockholm also became “home” and besides the loved ones I left behind, I wasn’t feeling homesick, either. Time passed quickly and, before I knew it, I was ready to fly back to Greece for Christmas!

More than 4 months of absence from my country lead to some kind of paranoia when I was boarding the plane – “Will everything be the same? Will my friends and family (and dog) embrace my coming back? Will I have changed?”. Nothing had changed. It was all the way I left it. And soon enough, I realised I had, after all, missed my country, too. I had missed the people, the sun, the food and its rhythms and nightlife. Now I feel like I have two hometowns – Stockholm and Thessaloniki, Greece!

I thought I was going to come back and study – I was sadly mistaken. I haven’t even glanced the books, yet – and I am loving it! Life as a Karolinska Institutet student is not about burying one’s self in books, it is also one of the most fun periods in my life so far.

This break was a much needed one. Now I can start planning my workload and be even more productive, with my “batteries” charged. I would strongly encourage everyone to spend their holiday period avoiding the stress, for a few days at least. You can be the judge of how you organise your study time, provided that you know your strengths and weaknesses. I believe a break like this is vital for a healthy take on student life!

‘Till the next time!

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P.S. I just showed you all what I have been up to these days! Share with us your best pictures from your Christmas holidays! Post pictures from your home country (or from wherever you are spending your time-off school) and show us what you are doing these holidays! Tag #KIholiday and don’t forget to Geotag them, for a chance to be reposted on the @kistudents account!

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All pictures by Christina Neofytou.

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