New KI Housing residence in Flemingsberg!

More great news for all new Karolinska Institutet students!!! A brand new KI Housing residence is opening next summer 2017 in front of Campus Flemingsberg!

If you are an international student going to KI Campus Flemingsberg (previously called “Campus Huddinge”), you don’t have to worry anymore about accommodation! From next summer 2017, 84 new-construction apartments are going to be available to y’all! There will be 30 one-room apartments, 50 three-room apartments (with 2 bedrooms) and 2 four-room apartments (with 3 bedrooms). The apartments will be located in a brand new complex, with shops and cafés, right at the other side of the road from Karolinska Hospital Huddinge.

BUT this residence is not only for students going to Campus Flemingsberg… you can also apply for accommodation there if you are going to KI Campus Solna or Karolinska Hospital Solna (Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset Solna). Remember that there’s a shuttle bus KI service and this residence is only 10min walking from Flemingsberg Station (pendentåg station = commuter train station).

Watch the video and find out more information about the new residence in Flemingsberg:

For more information and news about the construction process, you can follow:


And don’t forget that KI Housing is also building a brand new residence next to KI Campus Solna, check out my previous video by clicking here!

Stay tuned…!




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