To Another 40 Years!

As the holiday celebration fast approaches, I need to share with you the events of the last celebration: Toxicology’s 40th Year!

The actual day of celebration started with an afternoon seminar from “Tox Mother” Annika Hanberg, then the lectures of adverse outcome pathways (AOP), endocrine disruption, etc.

Following the lectures there was cocktail hours where we get a chance to talk with former students, professors and toxicologists. And of course, no celebration is complete with a dinner party to end the night.



Dinner is held at one of the school cafeterias, Jön Jacob


To mix things up, the dinner party started with a murder mystery game created by the 2nd year Toxicology students. Who did it and with what chemical weapon?

Murder case

This to me was a different thought process than my usual group activities. For instance, in the course of Target Organs Toxicology, we have PBLs, which is a small group assignment with a dramatic storyline, however the circumstances were different: there was no murder. Instead we are introduced to characters that are exposed to toxins through different exposure routes. Our job was to find out what caused the problems and what are the organs affected.


In reality, Toxicology celebrates an anniversary every 5 years. Each celebration also acts as a friendly competition for the new and old Toxicology programs students. We compete for the amount of participation. Us, the 2016 Toxicology program won 3rd place overall, the reigning champion remains the 1987 Toxicology program participants. However, it is worth noting that there were only 5 people in the program at the time. So without those 5 individuals, there would be no Toxicology for the future generation, there would be no 40th year celebration, and I would not be able to be a part of this wonderful program.

1987 Toxicology

The experience of this anniversary has made me feel that toxicologists are connected as a family and I am more than happy to be part of this big family. In addition, I realize how important it is for the world of science and human health to work together, by using the growing knowledge of toxicologists to check and balance the chemicals in our lives so that we may all live safer and healthier.12-5.JPG

For more information about the event please check out the link:
Toxicology 40th year anniversary

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