The perks of also studying at KTH: THS Armada

One of the many advantages of being a student at three different universities is that you can enjoy aaaaaall (trust me, there are a lot!) the benefits for student’s life at each of them!

As you might know, I am studying the Master’s Programme Molecular Techniques in Life Science, which is a collaboration between Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University.

In this post I will tell you about the career project at KTH in which I was involved!


What is THS Armada?

Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår (THS), the student union at KTH Royal Institute of Technology,  has as a main objective, to ensure that all students get a chance to connect with business and industry. For that purpose THS Armada was created: it is KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s Student Union’s career fair and one of the largest projects in Scandinavia organized solely by students. Every year, over 200 companies meet 12 000 students!

Each company had a stand and several representatives with different backgrounds were there to answer future engineers and future scientists’ questions.

I had the chance to volunteer at this year’s fair as a Career Fair Host. My role was to be the host of one of the 200 companies, so- basically- to be the link between the university and the company.

Armada portrait!


Walk among representatives of 200 companies and ask about Summer Jobs, Master Thesis, Internships…

This year’s fair was held on November 22nd and 23rd. To attend it is extremely interesting for any kind of student, because you have the chance to talk wih everyone-from experienced employees, higher in the hierarchy of the company-, to newly graduated trainees and sometimes even a student doing an internship at the company.

Career Fair at KTH Library

Have dinner with your future employer!

The night of the first day of the fair, all the students working at the Armada we are invited to a Banquet where we had dinner with the representatives from all the companies. It is a great chance to chat with them in a relaxed atmosphere and broaden our contact network.

How THS Armada has enriched me?

  • It is the best way of meeting companies and get informed about their career opportunities according to your studies and your preferences.
  • It is a great opportunity to meet students with a different background as mine, which I found refreshing: engineers think more practical!
  • It is also a great way of getting to know Swedes, since the majority of the volunteers are Swedish students!
Armada Avengers was the name of our group!

Although there is a lot of construction and deconstruction work to be done, it is always equally distributed and this allowed me to learn about management and leadership. I was very impressed by the highly organized team that runs Armada! They are a grand inspiration.

Yes! There is something similar at KI too!

CHaSE is a health/science career fair for students and post-docs that would like to continue their career outside academia. It is organized by Karolinska Institute’s Medical Student’s Association (Medicinska Föreningen) and it will be held on the Thursday 9th of March 2017.


Check out their WebPage to read about all the activities they organize besides the fair itself:

Credits for the pictures are for THS Armada amazing photographers!

– Prashant Kumar
– Vilda Siurblyte
– Josefin Franzén
– Preetham Harinath

Do not hesitate on contacting me for further questions:


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