Degree Project in Public Health Sciences 2016-2017 – HEPM track

Now, that we are fast approaching the stage of our Degree Project commencement, I would   like to pull back the curtain on the some of the intricacies of this 4,5-month long endeavour. Please be aware that this blog is devoted to the Master Thesis Project for the current Health Economics, Policy and Management track only, and that of Epidemiology track differs from ours in research question type and methodology.

The thesis project is an important component of the Master of Public Health Sciences (MPHS) degree, as it initiates the student into independent work. A typical thesis project in Public Health Sciences is an investigation aiming to solve a public health problem. An excerpt from “Degree Project in Public Health Sciences – Instructions for thesis and examination”.

The Master thesis project can be undertaken when the student has passed at least 60 credit points during the programme. One or more supervisors should be appointed for one Master Thesis. However, the main supervisor should be an appointed or associated (without appointment) professor at Karolinska Institutet with a PhD degree. 

Master thesis project can be carried out in any country. The project can be based on primary or secondary quantitative or qualitative data or comprise a comprehensive literature review. Students can work individually or in pairs. Current HEPM track is advised to conduct the project in pairs. The overall thesis paper should consist of no more than 30 pages.

The thesis should have a cover page, declaration of the students own work , abstract and the main text of the thesis (Introduction / background, aim and research questions, methods, ethical considerations, results, discussion, conclusion, acknowledgements, references and appendices.

As a part of the writing process we have to submit a thesis proposal (in November), a project plan (in January); participate in a half-time seminar (in March), and submit final master thesis (in May). The full curriculum was provided to us in October, which leaves enough time to familiarise with and prepare for this whole process. However, must admit, readiness and quality of preparation depend on how solid you are with your thesis project.

There is also a number of pertinent seminars for which participation is mandatory: thesis proposal seminar, project plan seminar, half-time control seminar, the examination seminar. However, this year we have been told that, if you are conducting your research outside on EU, participation via is an option, so you do not need to fly back to Stockholm.


Hope that provides you with a bit clearer picture about the Degree Project at KI.

Should you have any more questions, do not hesitate to ask 🙂


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