You are always in safe hands at KI

Leaving your country to study abroad can be quite challenging. Being home to many international students, Karolinska Institutet ensures that you are comfortable in every possible way.

As soon as you arrive

For most of us, it is our first time in Stockholm and landing in a completely new city (alone) with all those heavy bags could be daunting. Reaching your accommodation from the airport might seem like a Herculean task. But thanks to the pick-up service offered by KI, you don’t have to make the journey alone. You can sign up for the service and provide your flight and accommodation details. A student representative will pick you up and will also help you get your SL access card used for public transport.


Finding a place to live in Stockholm is extremely difficult. All the horror stories you have heard about how tough it is to find a house is probably true! In order to make your lives easier, KI housing offers student accommodation in various areas across Stockholm. Non-EU students have guaranteed accommodation provided they apply for it. However, if you are from the EU, there is no guarantee that you will get a place. The best way to make sure you get in is by applying early. I would suggest you to queue up for the housing at KI  as soon as you know you have gotten through.

Orientation week

You need to get many things sorted once you start living here and it is so overwhelming that you will not know where to start! The best place is by attending the intro week. You will get tons of information about practical aspects of living in Stockholm and you will also get some addresses and tips that are not so easily available online. AND it is the perfect place to meet your new classmates 🙂

Language classes

For those of you interested in learning Swedish, KI offers free Swedish courses. I have elaborated on this in my previous blog.

Healthy Lifestyle

The free gym at Huddinge campus ensures that you get a chance to relax and ease out. We even have a massage chair to keep you stress free! There are also classes in the evening that you can sign up for.

KI Library

With the student e-mail, you also get access to KI library and there are several journals and text books available online. You will also be able to interact with tutors that help with academic writing and communication in the library premises.


KI Alumni and friends lets you build your network with the alumni and you can be a part of it while you are studying here. Apart from this, most of the programs have a student run Alumni Association that organizes various events. You will get a chance to interact with your seniors and with alumni from the program and also ask questions.

 Career Service

The career service offers advice and guidance on different aspects of your career starting from preparing a CV to advice on how to face interviews. Many internship and job opportunities are advertised through their portals on a regular basis. They also organize events and workshops throughout the semester. There are several mentorship programs to help you choose the path to take to achieve your career goals.

As soon as you get your student email, you could sign up for the News Letter for International Students at KI to keep track of all the events being organized by these committees. Also, if you need help with some specific issues, all the mentors can be reached out to by making prior appointments.

Karolinska Intitutet does everything to make sure you have a smooth life while you are here. Help is extended at each step. But remember, you have to ask for it!


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