Innovation Day

Innovation is one of those buzz words that everyone knows but can never agree on a definition. If you ask Google you will get a hundreds million of results. If you ask your friends (like I did) you will probably get a combination of ‘iPhones’, ‘Uber’ or just ‘Steve Jobs’.

Entrepreneurship sits hand in hand with innovation and is also hard to define even if you study it! I wrote a blog about my classmates understanding of (bio) entrepreneurship.



What our students think of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship, often begins with innovation but innovation can exist outside the realm of entrepreneurship. You can innovate to improve society without starting or growing a business. Innovation is simply about new and better ways of doing things. In healthcare, new and better ways of doing things could mean solutions to global public health problems and generally a healthier more sustainable future for everyone.  Yay for innovation right? 🙂

I’m proud to say KI recognises this and all our students had the opportunity to learn about innovation during  Health Innovation Day.  Just another reason why Karolinska Institutet is the place to be for entrepreneurs. You can check out Dina’s blog to see many other reasons.

About iday

This was the first Health Innovation Day at KI which brought students from all disciplines together to explore entrepreneurship and innovation. All the Master’s students here consider ourselves to be (modestly of course) pretty good scientists and therfore pretty good at solving problems.

However,  Innovation Day  allowed students to work face to face with students from different programmes, so look beyond their own field and understand the broader context of their work. So basically addressing bigger problems by discussing how their research can fit into the complex  puzzle of healthcare.

Innovation Day in the Aula Medica

In the morning, students had lectures on innovation from speakers who explored the subject and offered exciting findings and outlooks from the field of healthcare . Then in the afternoon,  the students took part in a Design Thinking workshop.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a tool for finding ‘out of the box’ solutions to problems.  Our first course Entrepreneurship in the Life Sciences involved Design Thinking course work. It involves lots of post its, lots of discussions and lots of crazy ideas. You can listen to Anneliese explain it much better  in this video:

For our Innovation Day, students were presented with a problem facing the current healthcare sector. Then they followed a Design Thinking process to brainstorm solutions, develop a business case and a working prototype.

Students demonstrating their prototype. Photo Credit: Hanna Jansen
Students during a brain storming session. Photo Credit: Daniel Swahn

This year the challenges included: How could we overcome language difficulties in health care, such as when the patient and the health care professional speak different languages? How could we help people decide if they need to go to the emergency department or where they could go instead?

Do you think you could come up with a solution to these problems?  New students will be able to  put their skills to the test at next year’s Innovation Day!

Bioentrepreneurship Coaches

During the Design Thinking Workshop, students were helped by non other than my lovely classmates.  The Master’s in Bioentrepreneurship has a ‘learning by doing’ philosophy. And we got to put that into practise acting as coaches and keeping iday students on the right track.

The MBE crew. Photo Credit: Gunnar Ask
The MBE crew in the pub afterwards. Photo Credit: Katarina Stojanovic

If you still want to know more about innovation day you can check out this video or search  #iDayEITH.


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