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25 November 2016 – Toxicology 40th Year Celebration Countdown Begins!

What are you planning to do on 25 November, 2016? How about spending your afternoon at Aula Medica to learn about health risk assessment and how to make the world a better place with chemical safety? To celeberate Toxicology’s 40th birthday, presenters from Institute of Environmental Medicine (IMM), Swedish Toxicology Science Research Center (Swetox) and EC Joint Research Centre, Italy are invited to attend in this event!


The master program of Toxicology started in 1976, but it wasn’t until 2010 when the program went global. As a 2016 Toxicology student, I am very excited to be able to participate in the celebration of Toxicology’s 40th year! Of course, we also welcome everyone to join in on the seminar.

The Toxicology program is split into 4 semesters. So far for the 2016 Toxicology program first semester alone we have already studied the Principles of Toxicology, Toxicokinetics, Target Organ Toxicology. Right now, we are in the Target Organ Toxicology course. Future courses include Histopathology and Clinical Pathology and many more. To hear more about course reviews from former KI Digital Ambassador. Click the link below,

Principles of Toxicology
Target Organ Toxicology

KI Live Streaming Team

The seminar will be in Facebook Live on 25 November, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile I shall keep you updated on the celebration event. Please email me with any comments or questions.


Jennifer Tsai

KI Digital Ambassador

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