Global Health Class of 2017 – Who are we and why are we here?

So who pursues a Master’s in Global Health at Karolinska Institutet? I have asked my classmates a few questions about their backgrounds and future aspirations and present the results here. We are a truly diverse group in many ways!

In the class of 2017, there are 35 students, of which 8 are men and 27 are women. 3 of the students are in their 40s, 9 are in their 30s and the remaining 23 are in their 20s. Some of us have worked for many years, whilst others come straight from their Bachelor’s studies. We even have 2 ERASMUS students, who are here on a one semester exchange.

What country do you call home?

There are many of us who have lived and worked in a number of countries, so many of us feel that we belong to more than one. 6 of us identify with Africa, 6 with Asia (including the Middle East), 1 with Australia, 17 with Europe, 7 with North America (including Cuba, Mexico and Haiti) and 7 with South America. Not only does this enrich the course in that we learn about the challenges and opportunities of Global Health in different contexts, but it allows us to learn about a multitude of cultures and sample many different cuisines!

Educational Background

As illustrated in the word cloud above, we have diverse academic backgrounds. Medicine and nursing/ midwifery are well represented as are the public health sciences, but there are also those who have studied biomedical science, molecular biology, pharmacy, international relations, politics, psychology, anthropology, gender studies, philosophy and a number of other disciplines.

Future aspirations

I personally chose this course to secure a strong academic background in global health from a renowned university and to network with professors and fellow students so as to    give myself the best possible chance of finding a position, working with research in global health.

Here come what some of my classmates hope that the program will help them achieve:

“Contribute my effort to the global health sector to achieve health equity and equality” – Medicine

“Gain a global perspective about policies in maternal mortality and topics in intensive care” – Medicine (intensive care & ob/gyn specialist)

“Tools and knowledge to make an impact in global health” – Pharmacy

“Learn new perspectives to global health issues. Open opportunities for career growth” – Public health

“Academic and research opportunities” – Physiotherapy

“Work with health globally, both clinically and by doing research” – Nursing

“To get a foot into global health and get a multidisciplinary insight into global health. Learn necessary methodological tools to do research” – Middle eastern politics & International development studies

In summary…

We are a class of students – diverse in cultural and academic/ professional backgrounds – who would like to deepen our understanding of global health, with a view to conducting research or to working with its practical application.



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