KI student portrait series #kiportraits #studentportraits

Hello all you wonderful subscribers (and if  you haven’t please subscribe now)!

I have for more than a year now spent all of my time on the official youtube channel “Karolinska Institutet student blogs ” creating and editing videos for prospective students (like yourself). It is a great opportunity for you to get an insight on the different global master and bachelor programmes Karolinska Institutet offers, the student life in general and also how our campus looks like! Make sure to check it out and leave a comment on what you would like to see more of!

We have recently started a KI Portrait series #studentportraits  where we have interviewed students studying one of the 8 global programmes to answer frequently asked questions from you guys!  Here are some of the videos made so far:

If you have any more specific questions about the programmes, feel free to contact any of the KI ambassadors featured in these videos or check out their student blogs for more information about their everyday life!

Hej svejs!




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