What seeing the Quran and Bible next to each other made me feel

I had been intending to write this blog for ages and it is only now that I have had the time to pen down the thoughts that have transpired in my head over the past year about one particular subject. This also is the last blog I write for KI.

Coming to Sweden had appeared to be one of those bridges that you cross and you know the rest of your life would be very different from what it used to be. But as enticing as that was, I was concerned about cultural and religious freedom.

In the trying times of today when there is so much chaos, belief mingled with disbelief, blurring the lines of perspective and context, concepts of tolerance and freedom to be who are and what you belief in are being questioned. And these were precisely my concerns when moving to Sweden.

My research of Sweden suggested that it was multi-cultural, inviting and accepting of diversity. But to what degree? However big my doubts, my research about the environment in Sweden, Stockholm, Karolinska Institutet was proven true to a large extent. I was pleasantly surprised to be a part of such a diverse classroom during my Swedish language crash course and also in my Global Health class.

But the thing that put me at peace the most was that one room in Utopia. It’s a nice little prayer room and it was partly the definition of home to me. Seeing the Quran and the Bible in the same room next to each other spoke to me of tolerance and it was refreshing and heart-warming. In the past year, I have spent some of my most peaceful times in that room.

And it is one of the reasons I respect KI.


Note. The purpose to right this blog was to answer to an extent the concerns and fears people like me might have before coming to a place that is so different from where you belong. But I believe it applies to everyone when transitioning from culturally and religiously different surroundings. Here is a link that might interest people regarding such concerns.



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