Alternative Stockholm: Street Art and organised anarchy

In the south of Stockholm there is an overgrown industrial estate with a remarkable twist. It’s home to one of Europe’s largest open air street art/graffiti exhibits. 

It seems a bit out of place in organised Stockholm where there is usually a zero tolerance of graffiti.  However Snösätra Industriområde has around 4.5km of painted walls and unique graffiti by artists from all over the world. Its located about 2km from Rågsved t-bana.

Everyone is welcome to express themselves here due to an agreement between the artists and the owners of the buildings. They change it up every year and new paintings are added continuously. 

However in true Swedish style there are a few rules and you have to get permission from the artists collective to paint on the inside.  Some artists even come to practise on the external walls before they perfect their craft.


use kiss.jpg
My favourite: the happiest cat

You can also check out the art on their Instagram or  Facebook page.

There is something for everyone in Stockholm! Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about student life or your application.


Facebook: Rosa Willock

Instagram: rosa.willock

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