Now and Later

When studying in Karolinska Institutet, you go from intense lectures to never ending group projects. While that alone takes up a lot of your time and energy, there are still many fun social activites that will interest you to join at the end of a long day, A good place to start is the Medicinska Föreningen (MF), the student union. At MF you learn of new activities and meet new friends, if you are one of those people who wish to be more active you can also apply to take part in committees that are under the MF umbrella. For example, Näringslivsutskottet (NU), the business committee.

Purpose of NU

NU aims in helping KI students get in touch with different life sciences companies and organizations while developing their social and networking skills. By doing so, NU helps guide students in their path to future jobs and opportunities. Even though NU was only established in 2012, the committee’s ambition and enthusiasm exceeds their mere 4 years of experiences. With the various backgrounds of the students involved in NU, the committee serves as a bridge between science and business that provides students like me (who don’t have a business background) and experience in how our academics can relate into daily life businesses. Through workshops, events, and CHaSE, NU connected and incorporate our school learnings with modern industries, giving students a firsthand peek to life after graduation.


Why would I want to apply to be part of NU, the business committee?

Well, instead of just me listing reasons, here are some quotes from our 2016-2017 board members:

Anastasios Mastroanastasiou, “I applied to be part of NU for the interest in bridging the academia and the business world; seeing how a life science idea can be a valuable asset in reality is fascinating.”

Eirini Skyrla, “I feel it is important for the future career of students to create a connection with life science companies and widen their network, so I wanted to contribute to that effort. As an added bonus I get to collaborate and make friends with amazing, intelligent people from all the corners of the world!”

Sonia Acosta Luis, “I applied to be part of the business committee in order to improve the knowledge KI students have about business and entrepreneurship, and to recruit more future bioentrepreneurs.”

Mengjing Ke, “As a bioentrepreneurship student, I want to have more chances to get in touch with business world. Also challenge myself and have fun!”

Sanna Edwin, “To help students create a network for their future, and gain one for myself.”


Jennifer Tsai

KI Digital Ambassador

How to Contact?


Follow NU

Facebook: the Business Committee

Follow KI

Facebook: KI Prospective Student

Instagram: @kistudents



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