Application to Bachelor´s Biomedicine programme- Planning, tips and insight

So you have your university and course selected, but now its time to sit down and get cracking on actually applying to the course. I remember extensively researching about the application procedure and today I’ll be sharing some of that information which hopefully makes the process relatively simpler!

First and foremost application to the Bachelor´s Biomedicine programme (Autumn semester) at KI takes place through University Admissions (UA) and has two admission rounds. The first round for online application is now open (from 17th October 2016) and the deadline for it is the 16th January 2017. The second application round opens on 15th March 2017 until 18th April 2017. For intermnational students, it is advisable to apply in the first round whereas EU/EEA can apply during either of the two. (NOTE: These dates are for application for Autumn semester 2017)

The website has a lot of information regarding deadlines regarding payment of application fees, replying to first round of notifications and so on. There is a short checklist provided for each the first and second admissions round respectively so make sure you read through those carefully as they are very informative!

After creating an account, ranking your university choices (more of which is breifly mentioned in an older blog) its time to submit the documentation. A word of advice: after reading through the information on the UA website, make a list of the documents needed and ensure that they are all ready beforehand in order to avoid last minute panic and confusion! Below are some of the important documentation as mentioned on the UA website:

  • Diploma/Certificate/Record of completed upper secondary (post-16) education*
  • Proof of proficiency in English– IELTS/TOEFL
  • Passport copy- for identification purposes
  • Signed cover sheet- this is only applicable if you are sending your application via regular post and the cover sheet can be found on your profile on the UA website. The other option is to upload them directly to your online application.

*Different countries have different procedure/requirements regarding upper secondary qualifications. More can be found out via this link.

These are some of the basic documentation needed. However, I had my application submitted in the first round as I had already completed high school and had my IB (International Baccalaureate) diploma with me. I believe there are certain important aspects regarding application to the Bachelor programme in terms of IB that I believe were rather important.

So, to all the IB folks out there if you´ve completed the last year and have been awarded the diploma you can apply by uploading a copy of the signed and verified transcript of your grades. To the ones in their last year (the end is near, you can do it), there´s a little more in terms of uploading/sending your final IB grades. (Applicable to students who are a citizen of EU/EEA only!!)

The results have to be made available to UA by July (As you will apply in second admission round) and you will have to ask your IB coordinator for an early result to be directly sent from IBO to UA. The deadline is 5th July and you can read more about this in detail here. There is also additional information regarding merit ranking, selection group and specific entry requirements here. (It is to be noted that the speicfic entry requirements for the Biomedicine Bachelor course at KI needs to be fulfilled in order for your application to be accepted.)

Some other tips that could be useful to keep track of are:

  • If you need to have your documents translated, get it done well in advanced.
  • You will need certified and original copies of the documents.
  • Pay the application fee on time!
  • Do not upload your documents more than once or upload them AND send them via post.
  • Reply to your notification of selection results in time if you do not want to lose your spot.
  • Check eligibility (Maths, Biology, English and Chemistry generally required for this course with exemption from Swedish)

Hope this post helped you get a overview of the application process. Below are links to some older blogs about the application process written by other bloggers. Feel free to check them out and send me an email if you have any further questions!

Older posts:

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