Being a student at KI comes with its perks: The Global Health Case Challenge – Antibiotic Resistance (2016)

The expanding phenomenon of antibiotic resistance is now so ominous that it may deprive the world population of successful treatment of bacterial infections and reverse life-saving efforts of modern medicine within our lifetimes. EIT Health holds the Global Health Case Challenge 2016 on Antibiotic Resistance in a collaboration between the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe, the EIT Health Campus programme, and the University of Copenhagen.

The Case Challenge is open to students from Karolinska Institutet and a set of other universities which includes University of Copenhagen, Uppsala University, University of Oxford, Imperial College London, Newcastle University and students from CBS and DTU. It is a team-based competition. The Case Challenge takes place in Copenhagen in November 17-18th, and the winning team will travel to Barcelona (all expenses paid) (23-24 Nov 2016) where 2 representatives from the team will pitch their solution at the EIT Health Summit and the whole team will pitch at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health.

Now, the important staff for the current KI students is that the deadline for the sign up as a team is October 27 (I know its a short notice, but I was informed about it just recently).

The important thing to know for perspective KI students is that we were informed about this competition by our Director of the Advanced Course in Health Systems and Policy during one of the class sessions. But for her, we would have had no idea about this Case Challenge (at least me, and at least MSc in Public Health HEPM track).  Thus, my strong advice for all perspective students out there as well as the current ones – do not just search for opportunities on your own via web sources, DO ask lecturers, programme and course directors/classmates/other KI students and staff about any competitions/case challenges/bootcamps/conferences that you as a student at KI can apply for and become a part of. There is a myriad of alike opportunities out there, but at times an individual search might be tricky, so some external assistance might actually help you out.


Ask, apply, learn, contribute and have fun 🙂





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