Course review: Applied Communication in Biomedicine

Hello! In my previous blog post, I had mentioned how the students of Master’s program in Biomedicine come from varied scientific backgrounds. We must be on the same page when it comes to prior knowledge and understanding of Biomedicine and the first semester of the program has been designed to do precisely that.

Although the first semester has just two courses, it not only gives us a detailed overview of the biomedicine streams that we can delve into, it is also begins to prepare us for the world of research.

Soon after the joyous introductory days, we begin the first course of this program- Applied Communications in Biomedicine 1. Honestly, when I first glanced at the course overview, I thought there was nothing much I could learn here since I have already written a bachelor’s thesis (there goes the scientific writing) and I have given a number of presentations (and there goes rhetoric). The first day of the course, I realized how terribly wrong I was!

The course was split into various sections:

  1.  Poster Production
  2. Scientific Writing
  3. Bioentrepreneurship
  4. Rhetoric
  5. Philosophy of Science and Bioethics

Before I continue about the course, I want to tell you the best part about getting assignments here- we are allotted time during the school hours to finish them! So no procrastination and no missing weekend parties 🙂

After a brief overview of the criteria to consider while making a poster, we were asked to make a poster ourselves (in groups of 4). Since my group-mates were amazing, we ended up making the poster within a short span and then went to see this breath-taking view of Stockholm. (I told you assignments can be alot of fun at KI).


Perks of group work

I feel the hardest part of writing a manuscript is the abstract writing. And at KI, we believe in facing our fears head-on. For Scientific writing, we had to individually write an abstract for an already published article. The feedback each of us got from peers and Professor has been extremely helpful and I am sure that there have been improvements in my style of writing after the course.

The Bioentrepreneurship section was relatively short. However, it got me thinking about how to make an idea work in a real life scenario. We also discussed interesting case studies and learnt how to analyze situations from various perspectives.

Bioethics involved a series of lectures followed by group discussions that mainly focused on ethical issues of certain older cases. I realized that this is an ever-evolving topic and in most of the situations there is no absolute right or wrong. We were taught to responsibly deal with ethical questions that may arise while conducting biomedical research.

The course in rhetoric had been designed to get us out of our comfort zones and focus on various aspects of presentation such as the slides we use, use of our voice to our advantage, posture and the most important of all- how to ensure we have our audience’s attention.  Since this involved training on an individual basis, each one of us were benefited by it and all of us knew what we do good on the dais and what could be improved.

At the end of this course, not only was I more comfortable and confident about presenting scientific data to different groups of people, I also got to know my classmates better, thanks to all the group work.

And if you have been wondering, NO, THERE IS NO WRITTEN EXAM in this course. You read that right! We are entirely graded on the assignments and involvement in class and there is no exam for the first month of the program. I think it is a damn good reason to jump right in and send in your applications 🙂

If you have any questions, just drop an e-mail and I will get right back.


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