The burning question: What actually is Bioentrepreneurship? (hint: sometimes it involves lots of arts and crafts)

I’ve had lots of responses when I tell people I study Bioentrepreneurship; ranging from confusion to mild skepticism. Its hard to explain what it  is we actually do all day.

And that’s because there is no one answer! Bioentrepreneurship means different things to different people, it all depends on who you ask.

Luckily our first assignment was a research study to determine what Bioentrepreneurship means to us.  We presented our ideas in the form of a scientific poster and a short pitch. Cue lots of cutting, sticking, glueing and generally getting our arts and crafts on!

Then we presented  to our classmates, so that’s 30 different posters, 30 different speeches and 30 different understandings of Bioentrepreneurship.

Have a look at some of the results. Thank you to my lovely classmates; Tzeni, Ina, Jörn, Al Saad, Essam and Camilla for allowing me to show their work!

And of course, I can not finish this post without giving credit to the winner of the poster assignment: Ms Tzeni Karamanli. Her poster on how Bioentrepreneurship is like a (functioning) monopoly board won hands down. It’s easy to see why….


Think this is something you would like to do? Read more about the Bioentrepreneurship program here.

Applications are now open! You can read more about admission to Global Masters at Karolinska institute here. 


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