Sweden is the first country in the world to have its own phone number or one more reason to ascertain how awesome Sweden is :)

In April this year, Sweden became the first country in the world with its own phone number! Although the website states that this project organised by Swedish Tourist Association called “Swedish number” is now closed, by dialling +46 771 793 336, anyone from any country in the world was able to get connected to an ordinary Swedish person – one of the ambassadors of the project. In total, 193,345 calls were placed from 186 calling countries according to the website stats. You could have a chat about any topic of your interest – Swedish meatballs, northern lights, travelling, education, weather – anything.

This initiative (whilst dormant now), I guess, once again dispels any lingering doubts you might have, if you still do not view Sweden as one of the most creative world countries, and proves the point that any project of any kind and scale, as long as it is guided by an altruistic and positive aim, is possible in this country!

Check out the website link below:

Swedish Number Project http://theswedishnumber.com

Source: adme.ru


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