A plastic surgeon, a swim teacher and a chef walk into a bar…

Well not really a bar…more like a lecture hall. These are actually just a few  of our new class of Bioentrepreneurs.

That’s us up top. Can you guess which one is which? 🙂

For many of us on this program, the first question we asked ourselves when applying is Who actually IS a Bioentrepreneur? Will I fit in the class? Do I have the right background?

The answer is probably yes. If you have a life science background and an interest in business you are definitely suitable for this program. You can read more about your eligibility here.

I thought it would be fun to show you some quick facts about my new classmates.

There are 15 different nationalities from every possible background and at different stages of their career. The program is interdisciplinary and during the course you have a lot of opportunity to learn from each other, so these diverse backgrounds really come in handy!

Just like in real life when you can never guess who you will be working with, especially in life science where working in a multinational company is almost a given.



If you’re thinking about applying but not sure if you have the right experience, why not speak to one of our lovely digital ambassadors?

There are four of us from Bioentrepreneurship with very different stories;

Erin Gabrielle Fears – Instagram Ambassador from USA. Read her blog here.

Essam Sharaf – Facebook Ambassador from Egypt. Read his blog here.

Paula Salme Sandrak – Periscope Ambassador from Estonia. Read her blog here.

And of course I am always happy to hear from you. You can read my blog here. 


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