Would you belong in a diverse Biomedicine Master’s class?

Master’s in Biomedicine- Seems like an interesting program but am I an ideal candidate? I’m sure many of you have had similar thoughts while browsing through the gazillion courses offered by various universities across the world. Well, this is what I have to say about the program at Karolinska Institutet… If you are passionate about the subject, you will fit in perfectly 🙂

I had two major apprehensions when I was in your place last year and I have tried to address the same here.

1. Bachelor’s degree

Looking at the course structure, one might assume that the program is mostly for students who have already studied Biomedicine during their bachelor’s. However, from medical doctors to life science researchers, there are people from different backgrounds in my class. (I have tried to capture that in the figure below)

picture2The size of the blocks approximately represents the number of students in my class who have studied the particular bachelor’s program.

So it doesn’t matter if you are a doctor or an engineer (like me) or a Biologist; if you are looking to get involved in Biomedicine, this program could be a great way to start!

Well, if you do not have a degree in one of the fore-mentioned subjects, please don’t fret! There is a high chance that you are still eligible for the program.

2. Classmates

I had not really grasped the implication of the word “Global” in the program until I got a chance to interact with my classmates. With almost 17 different nationalities, we are truly a global classroom. Coming from an entirely different setup, I must say that I am truly enjoying being a part of the class and I have had absolutely no problems getting along or communicating with everyone.

It is definitely safe to assume that along with really good science, you will also learn a lot about different cultures and even experience it first hand. Most of us will have to deal with people from all across the world if we get involved in research anyway (reviewers/ peers/ collaborators……); so why not begin at the master’s level and stay a step ahead.

So I hope you are now confident about being eligible for the program and know where to apply. Since the program is taught completely in English, you can maybe postpone learning foreign language for a while and devote your time to making your CV form look pretty.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions regarding the program or the application process, feel free to contact me at disha.rao@stud.ki.se.

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