Farewell California ‘n’ Hej Stockholms

In honor of the long path from “Die Luft der Freiheit wehtto” to “Att förbättra människors hälsa”

>>> This story is about a man who, from STANFORD, flies over land and ocean for KAROLINSKA.

Mr. Y finally settled in the Great Stockholm area after a long, long traveling the world over. He found a peaceful land, Karolinska Institutet, that is full of love and care. And…

And…if I continue, this blog will become a textbookish baby-bed-story literature, which is not quite adequate for a business and finance background Public Health Economics & Management student, and of course for everyone else who is reading it. =)

I am Simeng, a first year master student at KI. Yes, I did work at Stanford University Medical Center. And Yes, I did travel around the world before arriving in Stockholm. Referred to the first paragraph, KI is a peaceful place that is perfect for academic career development. I have smart and fun people around everyday, and the class design (one session at a time) is great for learners who are willing to concrete academic strengths. As for professional growth, KI is making its effort – please note that this is a MEDICAL SCHOOL – to expand its industry network, but keep in mind that we are still top institution that advances and drives the development of health sector growth in Sweden. Even though I have my base in the United States, I would still be really honored to print “I LOVE KI” on my T-shirt.

Stockholm is another reason why I ended up with KI. Now close your eyes, and imagine that you are sitting at the river bank in the sunshine (Warning: Summer Only) close to Gamla Stan, you are holding a cup of cappuccino and feeling the light wind from the sea, well ok, river. WHAT A DAY! Absolutely, I know your country would be more beautiful, but why not try something with a paint of blue and peacefulness (I approve this message, as I really did visit many places around the world)?

Alright, now open your eyes, and come to join us. I flew all the way from San Francisco/Palo Alto to Stockholm, and I look forward to assisting you with kicking away all the road blocks on your way here.

Okay, okay, happy ending…”From then, Mr. Y started his blessed life on that piece of land he loves.”



Oh, one more thing…Mr. Y is referred as Mr. Simeng Yan, presented below alongside my contact info…


Email: simeng.yan@stud.ki.se

FB: Simeng Yan














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