Dare to Dream


My name is Jennifer. My role in the KI digital ambassador team is a blogger for the Master’s Program in Toxicology.

What does this role mean?

It means that you can get a glimpse of Sweden, a taste of Karolinska Institutet, or specifically an insight into the Toxicology Program, through my blogs. But first, a little more about me.

Why did I choose Sweden? More specifically, why did I choose Karolinska Institutet?

First and foremost, Sweden is one of the few countries with a good balance of technology and nature. The population in Sweden is not overwhelming, while the culture is respectful and warm. This gives anyone that lives here a good sense of community but allowing each individual enough personal space for self reflecting and growth. Add that to the great natural beauties that make up the rest of Sweden, you come to a place where you can learn in modern society and immerse your soul in nature, so why not study in Sweden?

View of Sickla kaj

In addition, Sweden, being the origin of the world renowned Nobel Prize, has an atmosphere of “anything is possible”. This is evident in the study environment of Karolinska Institutet.

Karolinska Institutet is a school where the different departments work together for a common goal: to improve human health. At Karolinska whether you are in a medical field or a research field, it feels as if there are no restrictions amongst the different groups and professionals. Of course, there are differences and healthy competitions, but as a student here I do not feel the differences limit my choices or interests. In fact, the way I see the different teams work together, they way I am challenged to learn new skills and the way I am guided to expand new knowledge, it makes me feel like I can pursue any kind of future. Might I say, DARE TO DREAM.

Aula Medica
Why I choose Toxicology?

Many people give me a confused look when I tell them I am in the toxicology program. After all, it is commonly assumed that being in a toxicology program means that you have had related background experiences such as pharmaceutical science.

It might surprise you to hear, that my background is in traditional Chinese medicine. When you hear traditional Chinese medicine, most people think: herbs, acupuncture and more recently fire cupping (thanks to USA Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps’ exposed back).

The history of traditional Chinese medicine dates back thousands of years. Somehow from natural herbs and animals ancient Chinese doctors found a way to utilize that for medicinal purposes. So how are they able to use scorpion venom or arsenic, things that are considered deadly even in today’s modern medicine, to cure ailments? What defines “toxic”? What is the balance between safe and risky for things that are known as “toxic” to human? Maybe one day I can find an answer, and maybe I would be brewing magic potions to help better mankind.


Well, I guess that’s it for now. I look forward to sharing with you about my courses and life here in Stockholm Sweden. If you have any questions about my blogs, about Sweden, about Karolinska Institutet, or about the toxicology program, feel free to contact me in English or in Chinese Mandarin.


Jennifer Tsai

KI Digital Ambassador

How to contact?

EMAIL : jennifer.tsai@stud.ki.se

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Facebook: KI Prospective Student

Instagram: @kistudents







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