Destination-KI; through the rear view mirror

Hello! My name is Disha and I will be blogging about the master’s program in Biomedicine at Karolinska Institutet. Before delving into the world of Biomedicine, why not begin by telling you what I have really been up to in life?

I hail from India- the land of diversities. Equipped with an engineering degree in Biotechnology, I was hired as a researcher by a bio-pharmaceutical firm in India. With little background in Immunology, I got myself involved in the drug discovery process of an antibody that was targeted for auto-immune disorders. During the two-year stint at the lab, not only did I learn some wonderful concepts in Immunology, I also fell in love with it.

It was then time for me to broaden my horizons and achieve some more career goals. Going abroad for further studies was a good choice not only due to the global exposure but also for the wide array of courses offered. A strong inclination towards research in Immunology and the “Nobel” connection steered me to Karolinska Institutet’s web page. The minute I saw the course structure for Global Master’s in Biomedicine, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for! My joy knew no bounds when the University admissions portal informed me that I could really be a part of KI and when the Swedish Institute provided me a scholarship to do so.

Having made the long journey from home, I must say that I am happier than ever being at Karolinska Institutet. With a bit more clarity in my career and with really high hopes of surviving through my first Swedish winter, I am now looking forward to what could be the two most wonderful years of my life.

I will continue to give you my insights about the program and life at KI and should you have any questions please feel free to contact me.




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