Rath’s introduction – Welcome to my blog

Hi everyone. My name is Rath Panyowat from Thailand. I’m in the Master’s Programme in Health Informatics. It’s my honored to be in the KI’s digital ambassador team. My main responsibility is about maintenance of the website, graphic design, and video production.

My story

I have a background in medicine, but I found myself interested in information technology such as website, app, computer science since I was a medical student. After graduation, I worked as a doctor for one year and then switch to work in an IT department of a university hospital in Bangkok. After working there for one year, I feel like I want to start my own journey. So I decided to co-found a company with my friend.

A business owner

Our first company was Iamdr Co., Ltd. (www.iamdr.co). We don’t know exactly what we want to do. The only thing we know is we want to create something benefit to a patient, a doctor, or someone with the help of information technology and creativity. Iamdr company has several product. We build a medical reference platform (like Skyscape of Thailand), unfortunately it already closed now. We build a medical job portal website (lifejob.in.th). We do a digital marketing consulting for clinic.

After doing a business like this for two years. We feel like we want to do something big and meaningful. Something that solve the hard and complex problem. We think that aging society of Thailand is that problem. In the next 10 years, Thailand will have more than 17 millions elderly population, whereas currently we only have 200,000 hospital beds in the whole country. This is really a big gap and if we didn’t do anything. Even our parent would face difficulty in seeking a healthcare service in the future. We think Home-care is a solution. That’s why we stop every project and focus solely on one project. Its name is ‘Health at Home’ (https://healthathome.in.th/).


Why KI?

Although I learned various skills by myself. I learned front-end web development, digital marketing concept, graphic design and motion graphic. But for the healthcare software, I feel like there’s something that would be better to learn in a formal education. That’s why I interested in Health Informatics program for a few years.

One day my friend told my about Swedish Institute scholarship. It’s a grant with no need to payback anything from the Swedish Government. So I find which university offer Health Informatics program in English and I found KI. To be 100% honesty, I never heard about KI before that time, haha.

I started to search for more information and find out that KI is a top university in Europe and Sweden also excellent for living and study. So I decided to apply to KI and Swedish Institute (SI) scholarship and I got both offer. That’s how I came here. I’m deeply appreciate both KI and SI for this opportunity.

Screenshot of Swedish Institute website (https://eng.si.se/areas-of-operation/scholarships-and-grants/)

My skills

My skills can divided into 3 categories. Anything that you feel I’m capable to help you. Feel free to contact me. I’ll help as much as I could.

And here are my skills

  • Business: I’m experienced in business development for startup company using Lean startup method. How to generate and validate your business idea. I also know a concept of product management (esp. Scrum) and Digital Marketing, but I’m not proficient in media buying.
  • Programming: I’m good in HTML/CSS3, but I also can code some JavaScript such as jQuery, AngularJS, BackboneJS. I plan to learn ReactJS in this year.
  • Design: I can do a graphic design like poster or brochure. But my main proficient is user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. I have more skills on website design but I also do a mobile app design in both iOS and Android.
  • Medicine: Although my job isn’t a doctor and I forget some of the medical knowledge. But I still be able to discuss with you about general medicine, I think.

Connect with me

You can contact my on this blog. Or use these channel:

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