KI Sports Day – September 28th, 2016

By now we are all well aware that Swedish people are probably the biggest health enthusiasts in the world, and Karolinska Institutet proves the matter not only by educating one of the best medical and healthcare professionals 28b66e0f8d1dadb3dcda182ba17eaa3d.png , but also by holding a lecture-free annual Sports Day right in the middle of the semester! Which is totally awesome 🙂 This year the Sports Day took place this Wednesday on September 28.

KI Sports Day is organised by the Sports Committee, which puts together scores of sport activities around Stockholm. The list is almost endless and can easily satisfy every taste and physical form: swimming, badminton, self-defense, volleyball, net-Ball, climbing, World Class Vasastan, yoga, poledance, paintball.

In addition, the healthpromtion unit at KI offers a wide selection of free classes at KI BASE gym on Huddinge Campus. Here you can join movement classes or simply devote time to your own training. I, myself, spent some quality time swimming (well 60% of the time in the hot tub, to be completely honest with you). Anyway, as a KI student it is your absolute duty to make the most out of this free day opportunity and, at least, finally try out something you have been meaning to do for the past 100 years (which is totally my case)!

Check out the following links, stay healthy and stay tuned!



BASE  gym on Huddinge campus


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