Master’s Thesis: hints and tips

The second year of every Global Master’s Programme at Karolinska is mostly about doing a Master’s Degree Project. In case of MSc in Public Health Sciences, it is advisable to choose the path first: either within health economics, health policy or health management. The concoction which consists of your general/specific knowledge in a particular matter/subject, your personal interest and, of course, everything you learnt from the first year of studies at KI should basically lead to the path and the topic of your choice.

During the first year we also had a chance to interact with professionals from a number of various fields including both industry and academia. They either gave a lecture on their primary research topics/work or spoke/attended seminars, conferences (all kinds of event) organized by KI. Thus, this created a chance to initiate a dialogue and enquire about possibilities of conducting a Master’s Thesis in collaboration with a company or another university. So, do participate and establish connections during numerous event at KI and in Stockholm as well.

In addition, Karolinska also offers an opportunity to conduct the Degree Project at one of its partner universities: University of Sydney in Australia, Universidad de Chile, Shandong University in China, Tata Institute of Social Sciences in India, Universiteit Maastricht in The Netherlands, National University of Singapore and Makerere University in Uganda. International coordinators at KI are very responsive and helpful with all exchange opportunities. So, I would advise to visit their office during the first year to get a full picture/intricacies, if you are planning to do an exchange during your studies at KI.

Seize the opportunity! 🙂


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