The inevitable trip to IKEA

Many of you already know that the well-known furniture and home accessories company, IKEA, is Swedish. I have fond memories of my childhood associated with IKEA. I remember walking through the huge stores. I also remember getting tired and cranky after a while.

Which brings me to my point. There are couple of rituals that you go through once you come to Sweden. One of them involves going to IKEA. It is a time honoured tradition many have followed and so will you. So whenever you touch ground in Stockholm as a student for the first time, know that you will be heading to IKEA pretty soon, packing your lunch in an IKEA lunch box, drinking your morning coffee in an IKEA mug and taking coffee to your class in an IKEA thermos. The act is a ritual. And it is inevitable.

In the first week, take a look at everyone’s desk in class or during lunch. You can tell from the brand new IKEA stuff, how many people have made the ritual trip.

The best stuff to buy include your water/coffee thermos, lamps, pillows, blankets/duvets/quilts, your everyday morning coffee mug, your lunch box, rugs and any sort of office supplies (although you don’t buy those very early on). You can also try to buy stuff online from people who are leaving Sweden after having completed their studies. You will notice most of the stuff that people sell online is from IKEA.

Rest assured, you will lose your lunch box after having it mixed up with someone else who has the exact same box. And the same thing will happen with almost everything you will buy at IKEA because someone will have the exact same thing. Even when you choose something different so that you don’t lose it, you will find who has the same thing because they thought the same thing.

But the risk of losing you stuff will not keep you from going there. And why should, right!


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