Waiting for the apple to fall

It is a Swedish summer this time around. A slow summer. An extremely mild summer by my Pakistani standards. I feel the cool summer breeze on my face and wonder about the monsoon back home. I see the clouds pass me by and the boats sailing after them. I hear the wind passing through trees full of leaves which until a few months ago were completely bare.

I see the city empty and then the streets fill up with tourists over the weeks. I walk through the streets during the day and my ears hear more French and English than Swedish. I sit sipping coffee at cafes and writing on my laptop. Going through my files of numerous motivational letters written and sent, I wonder if and when I would land a job once vacations end.

The campus is quiet. Very quiet. But pretty. Who would have thought the once ice covered campus of January could be blossoming with such colours. And how these flowers attract butterflies and bumble bees! The photographs I take everywhere keep becoming livelier with colour.

It is nice to have time to catch up with friends and revisit old projects. To get back to sitting on the banks of the water, soaking the sun and sketch or read or just walk around the city. This city has a lot to offer and I find myself taking it in all over again with a different flavour with a touch of sun.

But the quiet and mild summer has many questions in the horizon waiting to be answered. I keep waiting for life to move forward, something to happen, something to accomplish. Perhaps I badly miss complaining about not having enough time in life. At times the day seems so slow, I find myself just waiting for the apple to fall as I sit under the cool shade of a tree.



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