The exploring continues-day trip to Uppsala

If you are the exploring kind living in Stockholm and find a little time on your hands, you are bound to find yourself itching to go beyond the Scandinavian capital. You can go to Kiruna in the winter and try to catch the rightly famous northern lights. You can go to Malmo, see the Turning Torso, the tallest building in Scandinavia, if you appreciate good architecture. You can even take a train to Gothenberg to see the Volvo museum if you are a car buff. The options are countless.

After the celebratory air of graduation calmed down, my friend and I hopped onto the pendeltåg to go to Uppsala, which also used to be home to one of my Swedish friends.

Although Uppsala lies along the same train that you would take to KI every day if travelling north, it is located in the UL area, which is why you pay for the ticket. The trip is pretty cheap considering you go to another city for only 81 SEK. In less than an hour we found ourselves in the fourth largest city in Sweden, after Stockholm, Gothenberg and Malmo.

The first impression of the “fourth largest city” is that of a small cosy laid back little town. It feels as if everyone knows everyone. You don’t see so many cars as you see bicycles, which sometimes make you worry about getting run over by a bicycle instead of a car. There were definitely less people walking about compared to Stockholm.

The attractions that draw you to this city include the magnificent Uppsala castle overlooking the exquisite botanical gardens. The oversized wooden bench placed outside the Linnaeus building makes for a memorable picture. The oldest university in the Nordic countries established in 1477, the Uppsala University also happens to be situated here. But what is more breath-taking is the Uppsala library building, Carolina Rediviva, which holds within itself one of the oldest scriptures of the Bible. Unfortunately you cannot take pictures there.


In the centre of Uppsala lies the amazing testament of French Gothic style, the Uppsala cathedral. Being the tallest church in the Nordic countries, it stands at 389 ft, making me wish I had a zoom lens to allow capturing the whole length of the cathedral.


The summer allowed us to appreciate the blooming chamomiles and sunflowers as we walked through the city. To further appreciate nature, we made our way through the Uppsala city garden located right next to the Fyris River. The fountain in the park depicting baby angels makes for a good Instagram picture. Standing over the bridge on the river, the soothing sound of flowing water was one of the high lights of the entire trip.



The end of our tour of the city took us to the area next to the Uppsala University hospital, also called Akademiska Sjukhuset, a teaching hospital for Uppsala University. Sitting at the fountain next to the main building of the hospital, we contemplated our trip back to Stockholm city. With the weather being so perfect and the small city having so much to show, it had been indeed a perfect touristy day for us.


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