Things to do once you have graduated

The time since I graduated is coming close to a month and I sit here wondering if there are some things that I should do before I get involved in something like a job. So here is a list of random things that I thought I would share with you guys.


  1. Get back to learning Swedish.

Most of us (well, me), just slip back with their Swedish to a time when the only Swedish we can speak is Tack sa mychet, Varsagod, Hej hej and Hej da. (Shaking my head in shame) Get back to learning the language. It can be one more language in your arsenal with the help of which you can enjoy the wealth of Swedish crime fiction or maybe get a better job if you happen to be staying in Sweden further.



  1. Go cycling if you haven’t done it yet. I know some friends who used to cycle to the Widerstromska building. I have not cycled since I was 12 years old. But I am adamant to get to it because based on a recent conversation with an orthopaedic surgeon it happens to be one of the best exercises. Go cycling if you also think you need exercise or just do it to remind yourself of your childhood, like me.


  1. Exercise. This happens to be in connection to the last suggestion. But even if you don’t like cycling, opt for a simple workout just to keep those endorphins flowing. Sadness can set in once friends leave and you are left with less and less friends to meet up with. Not only does exercise help you counter those dark emotions but also keeps you in better shape.


  1. Read. If you happen to be a student in the Global Health program then you probably had no time to pick up a book since you started the course. The intense reading in the Health Policy course exhausts you quite a bit. The little time you do get, you end up catching up with friends or visiting places in Stockholm or nearby countries. Maybe get back to reading for a bit and remind yourself how nice it is.


  1. Start looking for a job. Maybe this should have been the first thing. If you plan to stay here, it is a good idea to start looking for a job immediately. Maybe start looking yesterday because you need to sustain yourself in a city that is not that cheap. You can look for jobs on the Karolinska Institutet website most of which are structured around research.


  1. Start looking for accommodation. Well, since you cannot camp in the street, start looking for a place to live. There are KI housing places that do not allow for you to live longer than a year. So start looking.


  1. Make kannelbullas. You have been eating them all year round with your coffee for breakfast in class. It is time you tried making them. A friend of mine did it after graduation and there pretty good. So do it..just because.


  1. Visit as many museums as possible. Stockholm has 80 museums. Yes, 80! From an open air museum to the museum for the most prestigious award (the Nobel Prize), Stockholm has it all. You can use the coupons that are given to all the students during the orientation using which you can get discounts on entrance tickets.


  1. Meet people before they leave. You will be sharing your classroom with some amazing people and some of them will drift off to be amazing in other parts of the world. Spend time with them before they go and get inspired by them. Make sure you are friends with them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn whatever you use. Leave doors open to avail opportunities to work with them later on. Who knows.


  1. Sit around in campus. It is June right now and the campus is extremely quiet and peaceful. Sit on campus, whether you like that sort of tranquillity or you just want to reminisce in the times that you used to sit on campus working on class projects. Though it is empty, it is still refreshing. It is the perfect place to sit if you are working on job applications, or publishing your thesis.

And most importantly enjoy your time, whether you are on your own or with a friend. It doesn’t come back.



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