Exploring the artsy Stockholm Underground

One more thing that I enjoy about Stockholm is the public transport. Some metro stations have amusing designs! Plus, the services are reliable and it’s easy to get around Stockholm. I present to you three artsy metro stations. And, so that you know, you could make a whole tour of underground art of Stockholm!


Kungsträdgården T-bana station (tunnelbana is the Swedish name for metro) features relics from the buildings that were pulled down during the redevelopment of central Stockholm in 1950s and 1960s.


T-Centralen (Blue line) station has amazing mural drawings by Per Olof Ultvedt.


Thorildsplan T-bana station. Which video games do you recognize??


Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite station!

I hope you enjoyed the photos by Anna Vidina!

2 thoughts on “Exploring the artsy Stockholm Underground

  1. […] In the main green patch of campus stands an art-piece by Per Olof Ultvedt. He was a leading figure in the mobile art genre. His passion for mobile sculptures arouse after a ski accident when he broke both of his legs and the only movement allowed was the one going on in his mind. Today the “Broken Clock” is quiet and still. One can only imagine the rusty metal parts moving again. Per Olof Ultvedt is the artist for the metro station T-Centralen murals on the blue line. (One of my next posts is about art in Stockholm underground! See it here.) […]

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