KI or not KI? Shadowing at KI might help you out with this choice

Karolinska Institutet (KI) is the leading university in Sweden, one of the largest medical universities in Europe, and a fantastic place to study any medical discipline. It has long-standing traditions, expansive research facilities, and stands at the forefront of medical innovation and breakthroughs. Pretty much the information that is able to entice any new student interested in medicine/health fields into applying to KI. However, creativity and curiosity are not limited to the boundaries of the internet research. For this reason, Karolinska offers Shadowing for students who are interested in getting to know the campus and academic life in person and “up-close”. So, here are a couple of things you need to know about Shadowing at KI:

  1. It is available free-of-charge to any prospective student interested in applying to KI;
  2. It usually lasts for a couple of hours and can be scheduled at any time convenient for you and the student from KI who will do the Shadowing. Summer time might be a bit tricky, cause most of us leave for other countries;
  3. Depending on your preferred Programme (track) you will be paired with a current KI student who will show you ropes around the campus and do his/her best to answer all your questions;
  4. Shadowing takes place on campus, so you have to be in Stockholm;
  5. In order to arrange Shadowing, e-mail Jenny Enblom – our International Relations Manager @

Most importantly, prepare all your questions, choose a day when the weather is nice, and have a lot of fun along the way 😉 We are looking forward to doing Shadowing with you!



A photo from my recent Shadowing:



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