Conference on Global Health in Fragile Environments

On May 30th 2016 Global Utmaning held a conference on Global Health in Conflict Poverty and Fragility – Achieving the 2030 Agenda at Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center.

The presenter list included positions such as State Secretary of Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate, Chief of Staff of Global Fund, Senior Programme Officer of Maternal Newborn and Child Health Team at Gates Foundation, Sweden’s Ambassador for Global Health and many others.

The topics were the most explosive ones that revolved around health challenges in fragile and conflict-affected environment. The conference was culminated by Professor in Global Health, Director and Co-founder Gapminder  – Professor Hans Rosling, which was one of the focal points of the whole event.

As public health students in HEPM track, we grasp a lot of knowledge about health systems, health planing, health evaluation programmes, but do not pointedly look at the peculiarities of health systems, access to health, concomitant conundrums that are prevalent in fragile environment or humanitarian crisis. Thus, for those of you who are not estranged from the global health issues that are affecting the world of today , I would highly advise to follow the link below and watch the conference shown on tape delay.









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