I get it now..

Ever since I came to Sweden, I have constantly been asked the question, ‘How do you like it here?’ I love my country, but I am not a big fan of the summers in Lahore. Having experienced drenching summers all my life, the long winter in Stockholm was definitely a reprieve. Although it did get a bit way too cold I thought. Somehow I didn’t mind the dark too much although I did find it surprising. To me the dark brings a sense of calm and a chance to sort of meditate. Being something of an introvert also made the endless peace enjoyable I suppose.

So my answer to the above question is always ‘I love it here’. The question that almost always follows is, ‘Even in the winter?’ As I explained before I have lived all my life in extremely hot and humid climate.  And yes I did like it despite the long winter. I always thought the people did not like the winter in Stockholm the same way I or people like me didn’t like the summer in Lahore.

And I continued to think along those lines until I saw spring in Stockholm and then the two days of summer. It is in one word beautiful. The mellow sun, the summer breeze, the flowers, the sparkling water and the numerous people having a snack sitting along the water. It has challenged all my previous perceptions and experiences of summers. Now I understand why people seem to complain (or seem to) about the winter. They have a very good reason for it. It is because the summer here is so so beautiful. And I am looking forward to the rest of it.


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