Broadening horizons

As our last course came to an end in February, I looked forward to not only working on my thesis but also my internship at Save the Children. A name in child protection rights especially, my desire to work there was natural. Owing to ongoing refugee crisis in Europe the opportunity to see how aid organizations work in order to safeguard children, seemed almost mouthwatering.

My time at Save the Children or “Radda Barnen” started in late February with my classmate Sofia. Since it is an organization for children, the place oozes “child friendliness”. I loved the red couch with stuffed toys on the reception floor.  The book shelves next to the kitchen area are filled with books and magazines with pictures of children on them. I would have loved to read what they said but unfortunately I am nowhere close to mastering Swedish.

Although most of the time was dedicated to our own thesis work, some of it was dedicated to following meetings and taking notes. This proved to be very inspiring because it allowed us to see how aid organizations work. And how people working within one think and strategize operations. The needs it is fulfilling.

But the fact that there is a need to be fulfilled means there is a big problem at hand. The fact that these problems are on-going in so many countries in the world, made me feel a bit sad at times. But it did make me hopeful nevertheless to know organizations like Save the Children are like there to help.

My suggestion to people reading this would be to try to get hold of any opportunity of work experience, internship, shadowing, anything while you are a student. Not only does that help you grow in experience but also adds to your CV.




2 thoughts on “Broadening horizons

  1. Hi Sarah, I will be starting the Master’s in Global health this Autumn and would be very interested in combining this with an internship. I would really appreciate it if you could give me some information about how it works. Thanks so much. Karima

    1. Hej. Good to know you will starting Global Health soon. Hope you enjoy it as I did. I did my internship during the duration we work on our thesis. Since the thesis was something that I was working in collaboration with the organization so they gave me the chance to do an internship. I believe you will find something you are interested if you look. Have you taken a look at the internship links given on the KI website Maybe you find something that interests you. Besides when you get into Global Health you will find out more links and agencies that offer internships. Keep networking. Good luck.

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