How to write a business-oriented master thesis (1)

It’s been a long time since my last post. During the past two months, I was writing my first thesis with a business research method, which may vary a lot from other master’s programs. As my bachelor thesis is a standard ‘science’ paper, I know the basics of writing an experimental essay. However, in Bioentrepreneurship program, we usually write a thesis similar to a social science paper. So you won’t us like this:


but you will see often us like this:



We seldom include experiments, but more often construct quantitative models and qualitative interviews. Sometimes we also design questionnaire and send out online surveys, sometimes we might analyze secondary market reports. In brief, we usually find a practical problem existing in current healthcare industry and make an actionable research design aiming to solve the problem. Therefore I think a business-oriented thesis is more pragmatic and interpretative. While students write a thesis for a company, the result of the thesis should ideally be able to facilitate decision-making in company’s strategy .

As MBE students’ thesis need to fulfill the requirement of both the company and KI, there is sometimes conflict in objectives from both sides. For instance, the company might want a specific report just for one product, but it might not be as ‘scientific’ as required by KI. So students generally spend much time in deciding on a good topic to write about.

Even when you decide a topic on due time, you might change significantly in half-time as well as the final version. Some classmates even changed a totally different company after introduction seminar. There were some communication problems back and forth. Therefore, planning beforehand is very important. Even when unexpected situation happened, you need to respond immediately.

Generally, the majority of our class handled problems in finding the suitable topic, supervisor, company quite well, they could immediately adjust the thesis components under difficult situation. I think this is one of the key learning when you write a thesis like this. Industrial requirements are usually more flexible and fast-changing, while academic research design would be more disciplined.

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