Global Swede Award 2016

Each year the Government Offices of Sweden honour 20+ foreign students studying at higher education institutions in Sweden who have distinguished themselves in areas related to innovation and entrepreneurship. Nominees are international students that combine the degree programmes with successful entrepreneurship activities in Sweden. Every year Swedish universities nominate an international student as Global Swede, and Karolinska Institutet students have become an essential part of this prestigious award.

“Global Swede is a way to encourage a continued relationship with Sweden, as foreign students play an important role in enhancing international relations. It is also a way for Sweden to express our appreciation of tomorrow’s innovators and entrepreneurs.” –

This year one of the award recipients is Hugo Morales -a bioentrepreneurship student at KI from Mexico! I would like to cordially congratulate Hugo on this great achievement and wish him a fantastic and prolific journey ahead!

You can also read about former award recipients that are KI allumni here:

So, now you know that KI is not only an outstanding platform for research and innovations, but also for innovation in entrepreneurship!

Shoot for the moon! 🙂




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