A few more words about accommodation

I perfectly understand that, right now, you may worry about your accommodation in Stockholm. You were probably told that it is very difficult and you should start searching for an apartment months before coming to Stockholm. But what if you have no possibility to come to the city before the autumn semester starts? Well, I made several mistakes myself, so now I’m here to help you avoid your unnecessary panic attacks.

  • Stay calm. There are thousands of international students coming to Stockholm every year, and I have never seen any of them living in the streets. It’s not that hard. Keep telling yourself that everything is possible (plus everything will be fine, plus the world is full of opportunities) and then please do apply for a room through KI hosuing. They offered me a room, I refused, and then had a depression. My tip for now is: accept it, come to Stockholm, and if you don’t like your room, start looking for something else. I don’t think you will meet a massive number of people willing to rent you an apartment three months before your arrival… without even seeing you in person… Think about that and please accept the KI offer.
  • If it seems that you are not getting any offer, try to email KI housing, explaining your situation and asking whether they have some spare room, even for a short term. Better two months than nothing, right? I messaged them twice, they had something for me twice. And no, finally I didn’t have to use their help. Sorry for that, KI housing!
  • Register yourself at SSSB webpage 3 months before your arrival. You can collect up to 90 days until you are a member of a student union. If I tell you that an average waiting time for a room in Lappis is 400 days, then the fact that you can have 90 days extra sounds cool, isn’t it? In that way, after a year with KI housing, you can directly move, live with SSSB, and don’t even think about accommodation in Stockholm! Simple as that.
  • If something dramatic happened and you are left without KI housing and without SSSB housing either, try looking for a second-hand contract. If you don’t have any contacts in Stockholm, obviously it will be hard to find something beforehand. Don’t really count on Blocket, a chance of getting a room through this website could be compared to winning at Lotto. Try other websites, the best ones charge you a little, but then potential landlords know you seriously consider their offer (BostadDirekt, for instance).
  • If you don’t live far, far away, beyond the woods, beyond the seas, beyond high mountains, come to Stockholm, book a hotel/hostel for a couple of days, and start intensively searching for your permanent residence in the city. Price for a night in some of them can be even comparable to the cost of a student accommodation, so you won’t lose that much.

Further on, I am also getting many questions about standards of the student accommodation, which I would like to now describe, just for you:

  • The typical room is 16-20 square meters. It has a bathroom (there are exceptions, though, and you have to share it with another person, sometimes even more), but not a kitchen. You share the kitchen with 8 to 12 people, which live in the same corridor as you do.
  • It is very difficult to give you a mean price for a monthly rent for such a room; most of them are between 3000 and 5000 SEK.
  • Rooms through KI housing are generally furnished, the ones through SSSB are generally not.
  • Living with SSSB doesn’t only mean living in a corridor. You can certainly rent an apartment or a room with a kitchen, too. The problem here is that those places require an enormous number of days (in queue), and are naturally more expensive.
  • Rooms through SSSB have the Internet connection, but you have to buy a router. Your rent most often includes the Internet, central heating, and electricity. In the other ones, you have to pay for the elecricity separately.

In case you would like to know more, or have any other specific questions regarding finding a room in Stockholm, please write to me at radoslaw.gora@stud.ki.se . I am more than happy to answer all your questions!


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