3 things to know about Biomedicine

What the heck is biomedicine?

Don’t worry – it confuses many at first! Keep reading and you will soon find out what the biomedicine is.

1. Biomedicine is a science


Biomedicine is a branch of medical science. People with biomedical education tend to do research, usually in a laboratory environment. They work to gain new scientific knowledge in biology and medicine. The goal of research is (or should be) to use the novel findings for the good of human kind. Namely, by applying the findings in medical practice and new treatment development. (Sometimes I am sad that there is little funding for research, if it is not directly applicable. For example, it is still unknown why our bones (or ligaments perhaps?) make the “cracking” noises.)

2. You won’t become the next Doctor House

Wallpaper drhouse 6 1024x768

Biomedicine is not the same as medicine! After studying biomedicine people don’t necessarily become doctors or get their hands on patients. (For that you will have to survive those 6 years in medschool…) However, some researchers work with cells and tissue samples from patients. Perhaps it’s close (or far) enough to humans for you?

3. Biomedicine is a very broad subject

Biomedicine involves more disciplines than you think! My beloved Wikipedia (one of the best sources, I find) lists more than 20 different areas of biomedical studies. As a scientist one can study things starting from basic biochemistry, virology, bacteriology to cell genetics and functions of the brain. Creating computer models of protein structures, developing new laboratory techniques or engineering new biomaterials are not excluded as career possibilities.

There is a lot to do to help the humanity live longer and happier!

Thanks for reading!

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