Kulturnatt Stockholm 2016 – Stockholm Culture Night 2016

Stockholm Culture Night is an annual event, which gives visitors an opportunity to embrace Stockholm vibrant cultural essence by hosting a myriad of cultural activities around the city. Stockholm Culture Night is organised under the auspices of The City of Stockholm’s Culture Department. The intention is to manifest the lavishness of the city’s culture. The Night is held in April (this year it was April 23rd), officially starts at 18.00pm and lasts till 12.00 am., the admission to all events is free.

Ballet performance, exhibitions, dancing, mingling, live music are some of the activities on the menu. The Programme varies each year, but includes more than a hundred different pastimes the locations of which are dispersed around the city. For this reason, it is important to study the Programme in advance and come down in favour of  3 to 4 events for the night, as you will never be able to attend all of them.

This year, I attended an open-air market, an organ playing performance, and the Stockholm Cathedral choir. All stagings were majestic! The video below features organ playing. The majority of organ repertoire implies playing different melodic lines for your left hand or tenor voice and pedals. This skill requires hand and feet coordination. And it is definitely the kind thing about which people say “a picture is worth a thousand words”…

Stockholm Culture Night event link: http://kulturnattstockholm.se/content.php?TID=432




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