As the winter fades

When I first came to Stockholm I was told tales of the long and hard winters of Sweden. I cannot count the number of times people said, “The winter is coming!”, and for good reason, as I later discovered. But one thing is for sure, the winter in Stockholm is like summer in Lahore.

For a Lahori like me the Swedish autumn is winter already. The snow, the wind, the beautiful white that covers everything like a blanket, all of it was a first for me. After months the snow melts, the water melts. You keep thinking winter is almost over, not knowing that snow or rain is just around the corner. You will go out imagining the day to be warm owing to the lovely sunshine. But before you know it, the sun is gone as if it was never there and down comes the rain. Some days it is just a drizzle, and some days it actually pours, and then there are days when it snows (you might feel your jaw drop a bit).

It is late April now and the daffodils on my windowsill are blooming and so are the flowers all around the city. Bicycles can be found lined up and boats are back on the waters. The water sparkles as the sun shines, the sky has turned a friendly blue. The clothes people wear have changed, people are back running. You see more people outside now. So whether the weather wants it or not the people seem to think it is high time that spring came. It seems they have declared that winter is over even if it isn’t because they have had enough of it.


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