Cooking@KI – Persian dinner!

One of the great things about being at such an international university is the huge variety of cultures that you can find here! From Chinese to South African, from Turkish to Brazilian, from Indian to Finnish, from Catalan (that’s me!!!) to… actually from wherever you want!

And the clearest way in which this broad mix of nationalities is reflected is the food… My daily routine includes having lunch with (awesome!)classmates from at least 10 different countries = each of them brings their own lunch box = each of them has prepared their own food = each of the dishes are incredibly different… and look incredibly yummy!

This was where the idea of “Cooking At KI” came from. The International Committee/Global Friends, which belong to Medicinska Föreningen (the Medical Students’ Association in Stockholm), started the project this 2016 and so far it has been a total success!!!

Cooking At KI organizes international cooking events at Karolinska Institutet. Each of the events consists in one culture/country’s cuisine preparation for dinner (Italian, Persian, German…). Last week I had the enormous privilege of being able to assist the the Persian Dinner and it was so much fun!… and so delicious!

Here I leave you the video that summarizes the night:

I hope you like it! (the food and also my video…!)


P.S. Cooking@KI team: so looking forward to your next international dinner!



Instagram: @laurabarcelo


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