Scholarships and Jobs in Stockholm

ABBA (the super popular Swedish music band) knows that money is a serious matter. Enjoy some Swedish music while reading about what I know about scholarships and job opportunities for English speakers in Stockholm. Plus, some useful comments about how much you might earn (take into consideration the 30% income tax that you have to pay in Sweden).


Every Swedish student gets a CSN scholarship/loan from the state to support themselves while studying. When it comes to international students, there are some less delightful facts. Namely, in order to get a scholarship you have to be:

a) a master (graduate) student, (which I’m not)

b) not from Europe, (which I am)

Or be better than me at looking for scholarships! ;D

Here are some links provided by KI if you want to start your quest for treasure aka scholarships.



If you want to find a part-time job while being a student, knowing some Swedish will be a major advantage. It means that you can work in a bar or a cafe. However, don’t panic if you have no Swedish knowledge. The first semester I was helping out in a Latvian family as a nanny. There should be a similar opportunity for you as well!

Two other options are working as a private assistant for elderly or disabled, or teaching private lessons. There is at least one company (I’ve heard about myAcademy and StudyBuddy) that hires students to give private lessons or help the younger scholars with homework in English or other subjects.

Read about more options in Leire’s blog post with 6 ideas for how to earn money in Stockholm without speaking Swedish.

I hope you find this information useful. Feel free to leave more tips in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Scholarships and Jobs in Stockholm

    1. Hello Ahmed,
      The salary can vary a lot! It could be 100 SEK/h and go up to 150 SEK/h or more.
      I would say that you’ll have to work around 15 hours a week to cover your living expenses. However, I recommend you to get used to the study schedule first, i.e. during your first semester at KI focus on studying!

  1. I’m wondering how hard it is to manage some time to work while studying e. g. biomedicine. How much free time do students have? And how much actually can you earn having an average student-with-some-Swedish-skills job?

    1. In the first semester of your studies I recommend studying only! Later, when you’ve got the feeling of how demanding the studies are, look for a job. 🙂
      I would estimate that you have to work at least 50h a month to roughly cover your expenses. It will all depend on what job you’ve got.

  2. Hi. I am a prospective Master´s student at Karolinska Institutet in the Programme of Biomedicine. Since I am very interested in having research experience, I would like to ask if it is easy to get a summer job at the University Hospital Campus Huddinge? Is there any specific website students can apply through?

    1. Hey Ricardo!
      I know that the KI biomed masters programme involves several lab placements. It means that you will have the opportunity to get to know some researchers and perhaps keep working with them even if the lab placement time is over. You can also ask your lecturers if they have a job for a student in their labs. To my knowledge, there is no specific site to apply for jobs. A piece of advise – make sure you get to know your lab peers and you like the lab atmosphere before you agree on a part time job or a summer job!
      Good luck!

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